New Chairperson of University Council to Visit QLM


Mr. Yang Zhenbin, the newly-appointed Chairperson of University Council visited Qian Xuesen Library & Museum on March 24th. It was a highlight of his visit to the entire Xuhui campus.


It was definitely not his first visit to QLM. In fact, when Mr. Yang worked in the Ministry of Education in Beijing years ago, he was involved in supervising the creation of the museum and had attended the museum’s grand opening ceremony in Shanghai. This “natural bond” strengthens this time when he closely explores the QLM’s permanent exhibitions and one temporary exhibition themed on the choices and identities of Dr. Qian being a party member and a scientist.


Zhang Kai, the executive director of Qian Xuesen Library & Museum, introduces how the museum evolves in the past years, especially in terms of scientific knowledge enhancement, research on Dr. Qian’s life and legacy, as well as the forthcoming measures in containing the coronavirus.

The Chairperson also visited University History Museum and other historical sites in Xuhui campus. A selected series of buildings in Xuhui campus was listed last year as the nation’s most preserved historical sites. Therefore, the Xuhui campus is fondly referred as a mobile museum.

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