QLM Received the Highest National Recognition in the Museum Accreditation


Chinese Museums Association released the newly accredited museums on December 21st. Qian Xuesen Library & Museum was accredited as the second-tier museum.

The Accreditation, guided by National Cultural Heritage Administration and administered by Chinese Museum Association, is China’s only official museum accreditation program nationwide, of the highest standard and credibility. The Accreditation runs every three year. It evaluates a museum’s comprehensive performance in terms of governance & infrastructure, collection management & research, and exhibition & societal service. This year, the Accreditation especially encourages museums with different governance body and funding sources to apply. Successfully accredited museums are categorized into three tiers, according to the scores. Tier 1 is the top group.

Qian Xuesen Library & Museum was first open to the public on December11, 2011. Next year, we will celebrate its first ten-year anniversary. The successful accreditation comes both as a compliment to our past work and expectation to the future. 

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