No.1 Exhibition Hall

Founder of China’s Aerospace Industry

This exhibition hall focuses on Qian’s historic contributions to China’s guided missile and space mission, and the most wonderful chapter of his legendary life.

In 1955, after his return to home-country, Qian Xuesen, one of the superior technical directors and vital leaders, under the correct guidance of the Party Central Committee, undertook the heavy task of constructing China’s aerospace industry in spite of poor national power. Qian Xuesen paid much attention to talent building and cultivated a technical team with high morality and perfect skills, which laid a strong foundation for China’s aerospace industry. Looking far and aiming high, he paved a wayfor China’s aerospace industry, the way of which not only catered for national conditions in that period, but also had characters of its own. It was Qian Xuesen who put the systems engineering theory into practice and built  a scientific management system with all the leading experts in China’s aerospace industry. He personally participated in every part of the aerospace industry, took part in developing and testing missiles, rockets and the main types of satellites, and played a vital role in many important occasions by virtue of his profound knowledge and lofty wisdom.  

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