No.2 Exhibition Hall

Pioneer in Frontiers of Science and Technology 

This exhibition hall mainly introduces academic achievements of Qian Xuesen in science theoretical research. In his early years, Qian Xuesen solved many tricky problems in the frontiers of applied mechanics fields, such as aerodynamics, solid mechanics and rarefied gas dynamics, and also opened up two new technical sciences of physical mechanics and engineering cybernetics. Since  1978, Qian Xuesen vigorously advocated and spread systems engineering, and provided many instructional viewpoints over systematics building. In addition, since 1979, Qian Xuesen, starting from the holistic view over the whole knowledge system of humans, and under the guidance of Marxist Philosophy, utilized ideas drawn from the theory of practice and system theory to put forward a modern science technology system. Besides, he also proposed qualitative-to-quantitative synthetic integrated method and worked out realistic and effective approaches to solve many complex problems occurred in the process of modern society development and scientific inquiry.  

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