No.3 Exhibition Hall

Demeanour of People’s Scientist 

This exhibition hall mainly displays People’s Scientist-Qian Xuesen’s patriotism, scientific characters and lofty mental realm.

Patriotism is Qian Xuesen’s spiritual pillar through his whole life He had been always connecting his personal destiny with people of motherland. After graduating from National Chiao Tung University, Qian Xuesen went to the United States to study airplane structure design and gradually established his authority over aerodynamics field. Although he stayed in the US, Qian Xuesen had been concerned about homeland, and McCarthyism prevailed to detain him from returning to his motherland. Finally, with vigorous efforts from many sides, Qian Xuesen and his family reunited with the Motherland. Qian Xuesen possessed the spirit of innovation to scale new heights and endless desire to explore, and he also praised highly of democratic centralism in academic field. Facing power, status and material honour, he constantly led a simple and gentle life, and therefore deserves the title of “People’s Scientist”.  

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