No.4 Exhibition Hall

The Road to Success as a Strategic Scientist 

This exhibition hall attaches importance to the academic career and growth of Qian Xuesen and his road to success as a strategic scientist.

Qian Xuesen successively studied in both domestic and foreign first class schools, from Primary School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University, Middle School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University, to National Chiao Tung (now spelled Jiao Tong) University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and California Institute of Technology, all of which formed a steady foundation for his future success. Qian Xuesen had not only been insisting on philosophy study, from which he gained deep understanding and achievements over philosophy, but also been actively applying Marxist Philosophy to guilding his own scientific research. Meanwhile, he perfectly combined science and art together. Qian Xuesen forged an indissoluble bond with books through his whole life, and lived to learn for decades on end, resulting in various academic summits. During his period in China, the Communist Party and the People fully trusted, showed solicitude for and highly honoured him, which formed strong spiritual power for his dedication to the motherland and service for the people.   

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