Qian Xuesen is a prominent scientist and renowned founder of China's aerospace industry. He fully embodies noble patriotism, rigorous scientific attitude and virtuous characters and is acclaimed the People’s Scientist. Qian’s outstanding contribution, deeds and noble characters are China’s spiritual treasure. In order to further promote his creative, dedicated and patriotic spirit, the central government decided to build Qian Xuesen Library & Museum.

Qian Xuesen Library & Museum, located in Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Xuhui Campus), was completed and open to the public on December 11, 2011- the 100th anniversary of Qian’s birth. The Library building looks simple and solemn, with an appearance like the eroded rock in Gobi Desert. The reddish facade facing Huashan Road conceals Mr. Qian’s smiling face with the eyes seemingly staring right into the glass wall at the missile, an architectural expression of "embracing the earth, ground-breaking achievement". Occupying a total land area of 9,300 square meters, with a total floor space of 8,188 square meters, this museum has one underground floor and three above the ground, containing an exhibition area of about 3,000 square meters. In this museum, there are four permanent exhibitions: The Founder of China's Aerospace Industry, Pioneers in Frontier Science and Technology, People’s Scientist, and the Success of the Strategic Scientist. This museum houses more than 76,000 copies of Qian’s documents, manuscripts and books, more than 1,500 precious pictures, and over 700 pieces of objects. The museum comprises of a reference room, special exhibition gallery, lecture halls and other cultural venues.

Qian Xuesen Library & Museum is the national demonstration base for patriotism education, and the future management center for Qian’s collection, research center for Qian’s academic thinking, and the promotion center of Qian’s research excellence and spirit, so as to effectively serve its function of providing public patriotic education, and to further promote the national and scientific spirit.

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