UMAC in Asia


Qian Xuesen Library & Museum is delighted to present a joint meeting with University Museums and Collections of ICOM this September to disuss how university museums in East Asia should be closely connected and integrated. 

For those who are interested, please email to Ms. Wenjia Qiu to book your seats.

University Museums and Collections in Asia

Pre-presentation of UMAC 2019, Kyoto, Japan


25 September 2018

Qian-Xuesen Library and Museum

Shanghai Jiao Tong University



14.00 Welcome

Kai Zhang, Executive Director of the Qian Xuesen Library and Museum, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


14.10 University Museums and Collections: Being Global and Staying Connected

Marta C. Lourenço, President of UMAC-ICOM, University of Lisbon


15.00 University Museums and Collections in Japan


General Overview of University Museums and Collections in Japan

Akiko Fukuno, UMAC-ICOM Board Member, Co-Chair of UMAC 2019, International Christian University, Tokyo


UMAK: The Network of University Museums in Kyoto

Hiroshi Minami, Co-Chair of UMAC 2019, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies


16.15 Break


16.30 Presentation of ICOM 2019 and UMAC 2019, Kyoto

Akiko Fukuno and Hiroshi Minami, Chairs of UMAC 2019

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