"Reading Space" for Kids: Exhibition and Interactive Learning Altogether


A special reading space was created in Pujiang Foreign Language School affiliated to Shanghai World Foreign Language Education Group. The aggregated learning experience space includes four functional modules: Special Exhibition, Themed Reading, Interactive Learning, and Flexible Display.

The Special Exhibition module displayed the story of Qian Xuesen’s life choices. The five important choices described how Qian Xuesen combined his personal growth with the future of his motherland, and how his life value was embedded in the destiny of the nation. The reading module brings together Qian Xuesen’s books, biographies, albums and a series of publications from Qian Xuesen Library & Museum. The books are the extended learning material and supplement of the special exhibition. The Interactive Learning Module features a collection of online publications and interactive contents. Together with the Flexible Display, these two modules can be updated any time in the future, so that more educational resources of the Qian XuesenLibrary & Museum can be continuously exported to the campus, reaching a wide range of students.


Qian Xuesen Library & Museum plans to send the special reading space to more primary and secondary schools as an outreach package in the future. We will focus more on rural, suburban, and migrant children’s schools, allowing more students to enjoy museum educational resources.

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