QLM Exhibition Wins the Top Award in Shanghai Museum Sector


Recently, the results of the “Shanghai’s Most Promoted Exhibition in 2021” were released. QLM’s original exhibition “Dreams to Reality” was awarded the laureate. The award, nicknamed as “Shanghai’s Top Ten”, is one of the most professional and high-level awards in Shanghai’s museum sector, featuring the best exhibitions annually in the city.


In January this year, Shanghai Museums Association organized the evaluation with the support of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage.  Altogether 28 offline exhibitions from 23 museums applied and competed in the award. Shanghai Jiao Tong University History Museum’s permanent exhibition was also among the “Top Ten”.


Dreams to Reality unveiled at QLM in December 2020. Different from past exhibitions featuring Qian Xuesen at QLM, the curatorial team of Dreams to Reality draws elements of spaceflight from science fictions, movies and contemporary art, and connects with Qian’s manuscripts and publications, to project mankind’s journey of exploring outerspace. It intends to be a cross-disciplinary exhibition that integrates elements of aerospace history, popular science & art, and immersive experience. The exhibition is also a new attempt to explore diverse exhibition narratives in a memorial museum.

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