QLM Theoretical Learning Group Studies President Xi’s Reply Letter to National Museum of China


On July 8, 2022, China’s President Xi Jinping, replied a letter to senior experts of the National Museum of China on its 110th anniversary. In the letter, President Xi clarifies the missions and functions of museums and cultural institutions, especially in the context of China. To better understand and implement the spirit of President Xi’s reply letter, QLM’s Theoretical Learning Group held an online meeting on July14th. It was chaired by Zhang Kai, executive director of QLM.


Zhang Kai pointed out that this letter fully reflected the significance of cultural and relics institutions. Looking back at 2011, when QLM was still in the preparation and yet open to the public, a special exhibition “People’s Scientist Qian Xuesen” used to be shown at the new National Museum of China, which was also on the trial stage. That special exhibition reflected the new mission and position of the National Museum, and it was also the first appearance of a scientist exhibition in the new National Museum. QLM should learn thoroughly the spirit of this reply letter and increase the supply of high-quality exhibitions and programs in the future. As a museum, QLM will better play a role in social education with objects and history.

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