QLM Delivers the "First Lesson" for New Semester


Farewell to hot summer, September arrives as always. On September 1st, about 1.65 million primary and secondary students in Shanghai returned to classrooms after a long time due to thelockdown and started their first day of the new school year. QLM actively delivered “first lesson” for Pujiang Foreign Language School and Shanghai Nanyang Middle School, telling stories for students and teachers of Qian Xuesen to share a scientist’s life journey of dreams. It’s also a fresh practice to bring museum education resources to middle schools.


At the opening ceremony of Pujiang Foreign Language School 2022 academic year, students performed a theatre play “Looking upinto the Starry Sky”, which was co-choreographed by the school and QLM. The play outlined Qian Xuesen’s middle school life and his experience on his way back to China from US during McCarthyism in the 1950s. Professor Qian Yonggang, son of Qian Xuesen and director of QLM, was also invited online to give a mini-talk "Genius Is Not Born" for Pujiang students to recount the image of a father who served the country and devoted himself to science.


On the same day, QLM educator Ms. Ren Jiayi, was also invited to tell the story "The Most Dangerous Moment" to Shanghai Nanyang Middle School students. Middle schools have very encouraging feedbacks about this cooperation with QLM and it’s hoped that more practices and channels will be tried in the future to "bring museum to schools".

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