QLM Selected as a New Education Base


The awarding ceremony of the 2022 Shanghai Science and Innovation Education Base for Teenagers was held on November 13th. A total of 15 institutions, including Qian Xuesen Library & Museum, were selected. Executive director Zhang Kai attended the event and accepted the nameplate on behalf of QLM.


Dr. Qian Xuesen had always cared about the training and education of technology innovative talents. QLM has initiated a series of brand projects that integrate arts and science education to serve that purpose. Among the 1.8 million visitors into QLM, more than 35% are teenagers.

QLM will continue to focus on scientific and technological innovation and build a social classroom for teenagers with collections and resources within QLM. The Science and Innovation Education Base will also be a platform to transform high-quality scientific strengths into educational resources for young generations.

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