QLM Finished Its National-level Research Project on Digital Technology


QLM successfully applied and undertook a special research project of the national Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2020. The 3-year project focused on the development of smart museums construction, which has a broad application prospect in China’s museum sector.


The project "Research and Application of Museum Smart Field Service and Management System Based on Robot and Intelligent Information Physical System Technology" is a full combination of artificial intelligence technology, physical information technology and intelligent robot technology. Based on years of experience in the operation and management of cultural and museum venues, the research project relied on the professional talents of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in the field of scientific and technological innovation, together with the help of industry expertise.


The project has designed and developed a complete museum intelligent on-site service and management system based on robot and intelligent information physics (AI-CPS) system technology. Based on the collaborative design and optimization of software and hardware, the project has designed and formed a museum intelligent on-site service and management system with CPS information physics technology front-end equipment, including robot AI on-site service decision-making engine and intelligent on-site service integrated management platform.

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