Research Seminar on Communicating Qian Xuesen’s Legacy in the New Era


To commemorate the 112th anniversary of the birth of Qian Xuesen, Qian Xuesen Library & Museum organized a research seminar on communication Qian Xuesen’s legacy in the modern era on December 11, 2023. The one-day seminar was sponsored by China Association for Science and Technology.


The seminar consists of keynote speech and forum discussion, with 24 scholars and researchers from different perspectives exchanging and discussing the value of Qian Xuesen's spirit, exploring the path, methods, and theories of the public communication on the spirit of scientists in the new era. The four keynote speeches were themed on respective titles of “Passing Down the Qian Xuesen Spirit to the Future Generations” “Analyzing the Generative Motivation of Qian Xuesen's Spirit Based on Three Cultures” “Promoting the Spirit of Qian Xuesen to Support the Development of the Research Institute” “Practices and Reflections on Spreading the Spirit of Qian Xuesen”.


The forum discussion was composed of three sub-topics, which were the construction of Qian Xuesen's spiritual communication system in the new era; exploring the rich practice of integrating the spirit of scientists into ideological and political courses in primary, secondary, and tertiary schools; writing and publishing of Qian Xuesen's reading materials for mass communication.

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