Groups which have made reservation in advance can enjoy the priority to enter exhibition halls through group passage after arrival. Please read the Notice carefully to understand the library regulations before paying visit.

All Visiting group should consist of more than 20 participants and make reservation at least 3 days in advance.

Juvenile group should be accompanied by adult guardiansfor the visit.


Reservation number (For reservation): 021-62932068 Service Center

Consulting number (For enquiries): 021-62933397 Social Education Department


Groups can visit different themes according to their own preference under the guidance of full-time or voluntary commentators. We provide various services, including explanation of exhibitions, special documentary showing, interactive lectures, scenario recovery experience?, etc.For different themes, each commentator can provide service to 25 - 30 people each time.

Group size limitation Limitation of Group Size:

In order to ensure the quality of visits, pleased make sure that there should be no more than 60 people in each visiting group.

For group with more than 60 people:

  1. commentator will make a brief introduction of the life of Qian Xuesen and the Library in the lobby;

  2. Please also Specify the number of commentators needed when making reservation. Library staff will make a call to you to discuss the visits in details.

Visiting schedule:

Daily opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 9:00-17:00No entry is allowed after 16:30.

If you have chosen visiting program other than exhibition explanation, please pay attention to the library schedule of that day to avoid any time clash.


Exhibition Explanation 30’---60’

film showing session Qian Xuesen 90’

film showing session Looking at the Stars 100’

film showing session Qian Xuesen---Scientist of the People 35’

Scene experience: Qian Xuesen’s study and living room 30’

Scene experience: the most dangerous moment 30’

If your group have any other requirement, please contact the Social Education Department in advance:


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